At the age of 14 I chose to trade and exchange with my mother thetraditional spanish “class­trip” for a guitar which I still have. There were many little signs, details and clues that pushed me to embrace music. Since then, the smell of the wood on the “six strings” transports me in half a second to that time of reverie wearing my wonderful and humble brand acoustic guitar, in that little shop on Arenal street in Madrid.

Some years have passed ... and there was a bit of everything. I fooled around with the acting world, and even recorded, as a singer, several albums for a multinational record company (a fun and challenging diversion for me). Some wonderful years that form part of a unique and fantastic "story" that lasted several years, that inevitably lead me to my true vocation: Composition.

I was 17 when I started releasing my first songs in Spain, Mexico and Argentina for young artists (Tatiana, Pablo Ruiz, Iran Castillo, etc. ..) composing even for commercial spots such as Coca Cola Mexico, and jingles for Televisa TV, a prelude to my four hundred songs that I have currently published.

In the 90's I focused my work in Spain where I started working and writing with artists such as my dear friend David Demaría, with whom I would write many of the hits for other performers: Tamara, Malú, Los Canos, Manuel Lombo, including the song "Más Mujer" (advertising campaign for Ausonia) performed by Marta Sánchez and Malú, immersing myself during those years, amongst other styles, in a kind of deep and mournful song that would give me different singles with Malú “ Diles ”, “ Si estoy Loca ”, “ Enamorada” , “ Nadie ”, among many other songs of her records.

In the year 2000 the reality music show Operación Triunfo (Spanis Idol) arrived in Spain, resulting in many large selling albums. I worked on many songs for the repertoires of this huge social phenomenon, through various editions of the show, my songs being recorded by artists such as David Bisbal, David Bustamante, Manuel Carrasco, Gisela, Mario, Alejandro Pareño, Nuria Fergó, Soraya Arnelas, Sergio Rivero and Hugo Salazar.

After this period, I focused on the creation on the songs that would give life to musicals such as Aladdin and Peter Pan in Spanish, which are also recorded in two albums released by Warner and Vale Music respectively. In 2008 I wrote a large number of the songs that would appear on the albums of Pastora Soler, which would lead to me receiving the award for Best Spanish Song in the 12th Music Awards for the song “Quien”. I would receive another award the following year. In the following years and up to now, I continue to write for singers/artists such as the aforementioned, and others like Sergio Dalma, Abel Pintos, Mira Awad, Manu Rios, Marco Mengoni or Luis Fonsi.

I also alternated my work as composer with my own musical productions, from my production/publishing company, Le Goliat Publishing, producing artists such as India Martínez (nominated for the Latin Grammys in 2013 and 3 successive Gold Albums), Vanesa Martín, Laura Gallego, David Demaría, or the mexican María José (Platinum album in Mexico).

I wrote and produced together with Riki Rivera “Niño sin miedo” included in the soundtrack to the film “El Niño” which was directed by Daniel Monzón for Mediaset (2014).

Some of the other collaborations on which I’ve worked include artists such as La Mari from Chambao, Rachid Taha or Pablo Alboran.

Since then I’ve continued to work tirelessly on my repertoire bringing life to songs cowritten with great friends from Spain, Mexicao, Miami or London, such as Erika Ender, Nick Whitecross, Esmeralda Grau, Martin Terefe, Nexus, Noel Schajris, Claudia Brant, Riki Rivera, Thomas Troeslen, Garrett Wall, Pablo Ortega, Amaury Gutiérrez, Joaquin Paz, Alfonso Perez, Dani Ortiza, etc.,

At the moment I continue to work on songs for multiple repertoires via Sony ATV Publishing, and at the same time involving myself in new production projects.